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Microscopes, Stereomicroscopes,
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School & Hobby Microscopes

 Great for all ages, these sturdy microscopes have found their way into the hands of folks young and old. Well-built and with nice Click to see Student Microscopesoptics, these microscopes have been purchased for use in homes and schools coast-to-coast. Those seeking a lifetime hobby need go no further than these microscopes that show the invisible world in living color.

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Medical & Laboratory Microscopes

 Designed for demanding applications, these full-featured microscopes have binocular & trinocular heads, mechanical Professional Microscopesstages, and halogen lighting. Several feature Koehler illumination. Phase Contrast and Darkfield are available on certain models as well.

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Microscope Resources

Microscope Resources ... and most are FREE! Need some fun things to do with your new microscope? Access free labs and experiments, a great lab journal worksheet, and check out our dandy bookstore for even more help!

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Inspection Stereomicroscopes

 Frequently called "Stereomicroscopes" or "Dissection microscopes", these lower power instruments feature a large stage for closer viewing of the non-microscopic world. Tiny insects become monsters, flaws in gemstones & coins obvious, and pulling a splinter like pulling a nail.Inspection Microscopes Inexpensive models are available for children, while other models can provide zoom, improved optics, and enhanced lighting for the demands of professional and industrial use.

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Industrial Microscopes

Industrial Microscopes and Video Systems
 Serving a wide variety of purposes, these microscopes show incredible detail on the surface of parts, circuit boards, and the like. Available boom stands and digital video add to the versitility of these sturdy instruments.

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Photo / Video

OmniVid Camera
 Adapt your SLR or Digital Camera to your microscope, or even make your scope digital with the latest in microscope video technology.

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Microscope Buyer's Information

Buyer's Information GreatScopes customers are informed customers. Here you'll find our ever popular "How to Buy the Right Microscope", as well as information on warranties, our money back guarantee, low price guarantee, and much more.

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