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Activity: Observing Frog Blood


Frog's blood is similar in some ways to human's, but different in others. This lab will examine frog's blood and how it differs from ours.


  • compound light microscope

  • prepared slide of frog blood (I don't recommend making your own.)


  • Bring the slide into focus at 100X and adjust lighting. Next rotate to high power, 400X for most microscopes.

  • Examine the blood and look for the four components: plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

  • The red blood cells are a little different in the frog - they have a nucleus. These cells do divide unlike ours. Frog's white blood cells are very much the same as ours and serve the same function. Try to look for the platelets. Can't find any? There are none! Frog's don't produce fragments like we do.

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