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There are some excellent science fair & experiment books at

Microscopic Experiments & Labs

Here are some ideas for things to do...even some food for thought for Science Fair Projects using the Microscope.  Record all of your results in our free Lab Journal.  

Please participate and send in an adventure of your own!

Bacteria - Finding it in Yogurt - Part 1

Bacteria - Finding it in Yogurt - Part 2

Blood, Examining

Blood smear, Preparing a

Care and Feeding of your Microscope

Carry Case, Make your own

Chloroplasts, Examining in Pond Weed Cells

Frog Blood, Observing

Fiber Detective!

Hair Hair Hair!

Kitchen Science - Spice it Up!

Microscopy Lab Journal

Pond Creatures, Collecting (with an easy-to-make collector)

Pulling a Stain (How to use stains)

Protozoa, How to slow them down

Solid Objects - You can view them with a Compound Microscope!

Spider Web, Observing

Wet mount, Preparing a

This is a work in progress, and we hope that you will take part.  Click for details.  Please participate!  We need some of your adventures and Science Fair Project Ideas!

Our microscopes are used by schools nationwide!

School/Quantity pricing available.

Student Series Microscopes
The Student Series

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Great for kids & hobbyists

3088 Student Microscope
The 3088 Premium

  • School quality microscope
  • Full Five-year warranty
  • 1000x Oil Immersion available

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